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Fresh and Healthy Foods!

View our Menu Below!  Our menu is a work in progress.  Our first goal as an organization is to survive!  So this means we are balancing our ideals of offering a 100% organic and locally sourced food menu against the crushing efforts of market capitalism in a recessive/depressive economy.  Currently 70% of our ingredients are NOT organic.  Except for our coffee’s beans and teas, those are 100% organic and fair trade.  We have made every possible effort to not use any Genetically Modified Ingredients in any of our foods, though we cannot offer a guarantee since there are currently no labeling requirements for GMO’s (Quick plug to vote YES on Prop 37 in November!).  In short, we offer more organic ingredients than most other restaurants out there and we will be assessing and progressing in hopes of flipping those organic percentages within the next 6-12 months.  Rest assured that our meals were developed with extreme consideration for your health and taste buds.  If you haven’t checked us out yet, come see why everyone is raving about the Marley Wrap, and the Suu Panini sandwich, and the Che and the Frida, and our Chocolate Raspberry Coffee, and our pastries, and our this and our that! ;)